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Thursday, 19 July 2012

When will 'they' start to listen?

How many of you have heard of David Servan-Schreiber?  First watch this trailer for a film about him and the come back here.

  1. How many times do doctors of conventional medicine say that there is nothing that a patient can do but have conventional treatment - surgery, chemo, radiotherapy? 
  2. How many are told to eat what they like as it won't make any difference? 
  3. Do they know exactly what causes cancer? 
  4. Who makes the biggest profit out of the cancer industry? 
  5. Which organisation thinks that 30% of cancer is preventable? 
  1. Too many.
  2. Too many.
  3. No.
  4. Pharmaceutical companies, makers of the technology to treat cancer and in some health care systems - doctors.
  5. WHO - the World Health Organisation.
In the 40 years since Richard Nixon declared a War On Cancer and in the intervening years the bottom line is that not much has changed.  If anything the numbers are getting worse as so many companies set ethics and morals aside in the race to make ever more profit.  These are not only the pharmaceutical companies, but food and drink manufacturers, the makers of cosmetics and cleaning products ... and many more.  Profit.  Convenience.  Turnover.  Advertising.  Selling.  Stock prices.  These are the things that seem to matter in todays world.

It is all a bit like the cigarette manufacturers who spent years denying that smoking had a strong link to cancer, and lung cancer in particular.  Today there is plenty of evidence that various chemicals, plastics, additives etc are carginogenic but still they all deny any link.  They even use 'consumer demand' for foods loaded with fats and additives as being a reason why they should still be allowed to make, market and sell these products.  Now I am not saying that the public has no responsibility in all of this but how many people really think 'it' will happen to them?  What happens when there is no real alternative but to buy some of these products because they are not available without the plastic bottle, or the plastic lining in the can?  Some of us are prepared to change the way, and what, we buy, but others can't or won't - because it won't happen to them.

Even some supposedly health foods are nothing of the kind, but are advertised as such.  One blueberry does not a healthy snack make; so why promote it as a healthy alternative when only one really small part of it is infact healthy and the rest is not.  'Low Fat' often means full of sugar, and 'Low Sugar' often means full of fat or carcinogenic chemicals.

It is not only the hype and marketing which is so worrying because even more disturbing is the kind of influence that these manufacturers have over the politicians and Regulators who are empowered to look after the interests of the consumer.  Those same consumers who politicians should remember are also their constituents who voted them into power, and the people who should be able to trust them to do the best for the interests of society, and the planet, as a whole.  I now feel that politics is more about ego, power and future employment prospects (and a damned good pension for representing people for possibly only a since term) than it is about DEMOCRACY.  Through the influence of these big companies they will put restrictions of natural medicines which have been used for hundreds or thousands of years while allowing the manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical medicines which according so some sources are 62,000 times more likely to kill you than supplements.  Yes you did read that statistic correctly.

The bottom line now seems to be that there isn't enough profit in natural medicines because their availability cannot be restriced through patents.  What price a human life?

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