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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Bungie Jumping

My niece is out in New Zealand at the moment, part of her six month sabbatical from work in the Antipodes. Tomorrow she is going to do a 134 foot Bungie Jump - without a helmet! Rather her than me as I don't do heights, let alone jump off them.

It struck me when I was telling someone this that having Stage IV breast cancer is a bit like being on a Bungie cord, having fallen over the edge. Below is a nasty end until the cord springs you back up again and out of the mouths of the alligators waiting to snap you up. The trick is to keep bouncing and spending as little time as possible near the bottom.

Of course if you are really good at this you can give the alligator a good punch on the nose if you get close enough and send them scurrying away, hopefully on a permanent basis. The chances of that happening may be small, but we can all live in hope of winning the lottery and getting really lucky. I just need to make sure I sharpen up my technique so I can give them the best possible knock-out punch.

Flies like a butterfly, stings like a chemo treatment - to paraphrase Mohammed Ali!