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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Going a bit mad here ... 4.4.2013 as Metastatic Breast Cancer Day?

This year the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation had its inaugural Triple Negative Beast Cancer Day on 3 March - 3.3.2013 which they are planning to continue with in 2014.

Just before they announced this I was thinking that 4.4 should be for Stage IV Breast Cancer.  This is partly because the confusing I have about dates being written as two number because in the UK we put the day first and then the month, and in the US it is the month and then the day.  I get confused unless the date is obvious like 13.02, because there are only 12 months in the year (see how clever I am).  A friend was married this year on the third of January, which to her was 1.3.2013, but to me was 3.1.2013 - see the confusion.  This led me to think that if you have the same day and the same numbered month then no one can get confused, and then the TNBCF announced 3.3.2013.

So why can't 4.4.2013 be an inaugural Metastatic Breast Cancer Day to get us away from the who Pinktober thing.  No one takes any notice of us in October anyway and to be given just one day when the whole month should be more about MBC than Early Stage BC.  This day, 4 April, doesn't really have to be recognised by anyone but us and then try to spread the word.  We are not little children who have to ask permission to do something.  We are adults with an incurable disease and we would really like people to know how little support we get, and how little of the BC research funding goes to help us.  We are dying for research funding, literally.

It would be great if some of you would respond to this.  I don't have many friends, and those that I do on facebook at least, have probably blocked my posts because they focus on breast cancer and they just don't want to know.  Even my family never responds to anything that I post!

In fact wouldn't it be great if we could establish April and Stage IV Cancer Month ... or have I gone mad?


  1. Excellent idea and very valid point about the dates. I sometimes wonder have some of my Facebook friends turned me off because I frequently post about Breast Cancer, MS and now Fibromyalgia but we all post about the things that touch our lives. Maybe people need to realise that reading about something doesn't mean they are going to get it but it might help them understand it!

    1. It is a shame if others block you on facebook, but then some people have so many 'friends' it must be like living in a mad house with all the 'chatter' they must get. I only have friends I actually have a connection to. The only person I have blocked is someone who only ever posted about game requests and I don't do them. Besides which if they don't want to read some things you post they can scroll on by. Even with the limited number of friends that I have I don't have the time to study everything they send through.

  2. Yeah. Very difficult to get people to think outside of the pink. Seems like if it doesn't have glitter attached to it, they don't notice.
    Sure, you've gone mad, Vicki, but I like it. As a grown adult, with questionable soundness of mind, I'm with you on 4.4.2014.

    1. Love 'Think Outside The Pink' - now there's a slogan, good going Elle. Sometimes questionable soundness of mind can be a good thing, or maybe just means that you are a free thinker open to other view points?