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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Watching paint dry is better than this!

So is the start of a new academic year where I work.  One week ago I went in to check that I could get on the systems and change my password etc only to find that the office had been stripped of shelves, drawer units and some other things, like the kettle.  An extra desk had been shoved in making it necessary to climb over the desks to get to the windows to open them, because someone nicked the window pole last term.  I thought that was bad.

Went into work on Monday to find that the systems aren't working properly and some of the functions that I rely on to do my job have disappeared altogether.  We were told not to come in on Tuesday because they might be able to sort it ... Wednesday couldn't do anything ...Thursday (today) couldn't do anything and have been told not to go in tomorrow.  It has been so mind numbingly boring that I was sure that somewhere there must be some paint to watch dry which would be more interesting.

What is even worse is that some people are rushed off their feet and no one will let me help them, partly because I don't have access to, and training on, their systems.  And, because everything is no computer based there isn't even some filing to help out with.

Who would have thought that washing up my mug at the end of the day would be the highlight of the day?

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