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Monday, 10 December 2012

I passed my MOT!

For those of you not in the UK an MOT test is a Ministry of Transport test which is done annually on vehicles over three years old to assess that they are road-worthy.

I had my 1 Year MOT of my left hip and they have decided that I don't need to go back there!  Evidently it should last me about 20 years, so I guess I will be due for a refit somewhere around Christmas 2031.  Heavens!  When you see a date written down like that some how it seems as though it should have a 'Star Date' tag in front of it.  So earlier in the year I was under the care of Poole, Bournemouth and Southampton hospitals and I have been fired by the first two.  Not bad going!  I am just working on the last one, which is the sticky one as that is where I have my cancer treatment, but at the moment I only actually have to go into the hospital once every three months because I can have my treatments in the town where I live.

For some this may be the 'holiday' season, but for me it is the birthday season because my left hip is one on the 14 December, my right hip is five on 22 January and the rest of me is 53 in February!  I'm trying to thing what other bits I can have done so I can extent the season!  No, maybe not.  The birthday I am most looking forward to is my right hip's fifth birthday.  When they did that I was told I had six months to possibly a year to live because of Metastatic Breast Cancer!  Shows what they know!  Worryingly it means that I only have about 15 years until it will need to be replaced, but I guess I will just have to cross that bridge when I get to it.

Oh well, no more wasting time, off for blood tests pre-treatment on Wednesday :O(