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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Inspired Metastatic Breast Cancer Advocacy

This is mainly aimed at member fo the Inspire Advance Breast Cancer group, but some of you might also like to consider joining as well.  There has been some discussion in Inspire about advocacy following the removal by The Gathering Place of the exhibit they commissioned from Angelo Merendino.

Ok...I have just started a group on facebook called Inspired Metastatic Breast Cancer Advocacy. I had to invite some people to be able to create the group, so I have invited the Inspirettes that I have contact with on facebook. Find the group at

At present this is a secret group so only members can see what is going on. I am the only administrator at the moment, but if any of you want to join and volunteer to be an administrator then just let me know.

With all the talk about advocacy and facebook I thought that we could start with a group to do some 'blue sky thinking' about how we can get something done.

I will be going away for a few days tomorrow so don't worry if you application to join is not dealt with promptly as I won't have internet access. Though if any of you are quick off the mark and want to be administrators then that should solve that problem. I am not sure if you can create a facebook account using your screen name that you use on Inspire if you want to remain anonymous.

What does the team think? It is a baby step, but we need to start somewhere. Using social media might mean that we can spread the word quicker than by setting up a formal advocacy group, especially as we are from different countries. Vicki xxx

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