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Saturday, 26 October 2013

We are all in this together

We all have breasts.  They come in as many shapes, sizes and colours as there are people on this earth.  Few people are happy with what they have - too small, too big, a bit droopy - but if cancer is found in them it can be ... well embarrassing, if you are a man.  But wait! 
  • Did you even realise that men can get breast cancer too? 
  • Did you realise that because breast cancer is considered to be such a feminine thing that there is little information available, or encouragement to get any changes or lumps in the breast checked out properly by a doctor.  
  • Did you realise that nearly all the medical information about treatments is written with only women in mind. 
Of course this means that there are some treatment side effects that men don't have to worry about ... vaginal dryness for instance, what a relief because there are a very few things that men won't have to worry about if they have a diagnosis, but has anyone really done any study into treatment side effects that might be unique to men with breast cancer?  Some information is available, like this publication from Breast Cancer Care in the UK which can be downloaded as a PDF anywhere in the world.

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