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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Mustn't tempt the weather gods!

The sun is shining today and the sky is a strange colour - blue!  I can hear the hum of lawn mowers on a Sunday afternoon and all seems to be right with the world.  I have booked a few days away because I think I should actually get on and do something this summer. 

One priority is to find someone to give me a hand with taking some stuff to the municipal dump.  The dump actually has a lovely view of the Isle of Wight on a good day so it isn't as awful as it sounds.  I have a couple of TVs that need to go, amongst many things.  In the UK we have gone over to digital TV so the old sets are of no use.  One was a cast off from my brother, who had it cast on to him from his in-laws, so it has done the rounds.  The little one that I had upstairs had an integral DVD player and I was hoping to be able to keep this for my Qi Gong DVDs but the player has packed up as well.  So now I am using the portable DVD player that I got for my travels so I can watch some favourite films because there is usually only rubbish on the TV.

I actually watch very little TV these days, and I've even stopped buying a paper on a Saturday to get the TV Guide for the week.  You know when you were a teenager and you thought you would never get out of touch with the latest trends and culture...well I don't have a clue!  I wouldn't know what was Number 1 if I tripped over it, and I have no idea what is on TV.  I guess it was partly a reaction to the domination of 'reality' TV (which is so unreal it is unbelieveable) and programmes like the X Factor and Britain's Got Talent...ooooh and worse still those programmes with 'celebrities' that no one has heard off, except that they are 'celebrities' for doing nothing and having little or no talent.  Besides which they are 'celebrities' for such a short time that no one is going to remember them in 5 years time anyway.

I have become very selective about what I watch on the Box and my main way of finding out what is worth watching is to use the BBC iPlayer facility.  This means that I don't miss part of the programme, and if I really like a series I can put it on series record.  I only really do that with University Challenge because A. I can never remember what time it starts when the time is approaching (8 or 8.30) and I tend to get it wrong; and B. because I can answer some of the questions, in the early rounds at least which is pleasing to my ego (especially when the contestants get it wrong).

The main thing is that I just don't feel the need to use TV to fill my time, or my imagination.  I would much rather read a book, or meditate, or blog for that matter.  After all you are entitled to my opinion, as this blog sub-title suggests. 

Crickey that sky is a beautiful colour...

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