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Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Pink-Ness Monster

There are reports that attacks from the Pink-Ness Monster are imminent as it has been spotted lurking on the edge of October ready to pounce. She is large and, of course, pink and resembles a T-Rex as she is big, loud and has a very small head with a small brain which has focused in on only part of the cause that she is trying to represent. She has a liking for candy pink t-shirts with slogans about survivors and life after treatment, and also for pink feather boas and sparkly pink headwear.

She has several familiar’s who follow her around, and do her bidding. The doyenne of the pack, has a liking to be called by the formal title she had from her career in diplomacy. These are skills that she uses very well to present the ideas that the Pink-Ness Monster has become obsessed with. You see this particular familiar’s sister died of the disease they are trying to raise awareness of, but in the process she has focused so much on the awareness, she has forgotten what her sister died of.

The Pink-Ness Monster herself continues to blunder along in the same way that she has done for years, but she ignores the needs of those who need her the most; those less glamourous than them and without the time to get her to recognise just how much that they need her help too. This is partly because her head it so far up in the pluffy pink clouds, and she is so sure that she is right, that she just doesn’t hear. So if you see the Pink-Ness Monster have some pity for her misguided ways … but RUN and what ever you do THINK before you buy any of the products her followers sell in her name because even the Pink-Ness Monster doesn’t get all of the money and she spends it on silly things someti mes, like fluffy pink feather boas that make her feel good.

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