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Saturday, 15 September 2012

I've just had a light bulb moment!

This is possibly not as amazing as it sounds.  I have finally managed to get round to changing the light bulb in my grandly named Office here at home.  The bulb was one of the early low energy ones and has lasted me 17 years with quite a lot of use as well.  With these types of bulbs however, they don't blow like the old type so you know you have to change it, this one has just been getting darker and darker; to the point where I need another light on to be able to see what I am typing or doing.  So here I was about 2.30pm and the thought just pinged into my mind so I thought I would just get on and do it.  The only problem is that it has taken me a while to remember where I put the new light bulbs because it has been so long since I have needed to change on.  So there was I standing on the landing with a blank look on my face (nothing too unusual there though) so I wandered around a bit and then it just came to me where they are.

My mind works like that a bit at the moment.  One minute a thought is there and the next minute I have blown it.  I am so good at this that I can do it mid-sentence, but this can be even more embarrassing when you realise that those you were talking to weren't really listening as they can't remember what you were saying either!  You know the feeling ... you go upstairs and by the time you are half way up you are already beginning to wonder why you are making the journey.  By the top it has complete escaped you and is on a plane bound for Australia because it is so long gone.  Never mind.  Go back down stairs and you might just remember what you have forgotten to remember.  I like to blame it on Chemo Brain, but I haven't really had that much chemo, and occasionally the memory comes to mind that I might just have been like this before I had any chemo.

Now if I can only remember what I am supposed to be doing now, I could have another light-bulb moment, or maybe I will just have a nap instead.

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