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Saturday, 8 September 2012

I am seriously p*ssed off today

I started a facebook group for other folks with Metastatic Breast Cancer as a think tank for ideas about advocating for, and bringing attention to, MBC.  Someone has posted about a new overarching website that is trying to bring the MBC sites together ... but ... and here is the kicker ... it is only open to US residents.  So if you are American and you live outside of the US you are excluded, or some people have lied about where they come from to become members.  Sod that!  If they don't want non-US residents I ain't going anywhere near it.

Anyway I realised at last that I am not really included in the American breast cancer world so I am out of there.  I have left the group and will give up on Inspire as well.  Why the hell am I wasting time trying to support other people who don't want me around because I am not one of them?????  The problem has always been that here in the UK the apathy is even worse.  I don't feel as though I belong to groups which are heavily skewed to The Pink Fluffy Survivor Thing and there are no MBC groups, except as hidden away corners of Pink Fluffy Survivor sites with it's endless rejoicing over being survivors and life after cancer, as though we are some sort of a failure just waiting to be a statistic that they can quote to get more donations.  It is as though there is nothing between being a survivor and a statistic!  YES THERE IS you bast*rds, and I am one of them.

I think I need to finish this now before I lose it completely.

Have A Nice Day  :O)

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