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Friday, 11 May 2012

Vicky's wedding day 12 May 2012

Was so tired last night that I actually slept, which is a blessing as that doesn't happen very often at the moment.  The sun is out, and it looks as though it is going to be a lovely day for a very special bride.

Yesterday I was tying ribbon on 160 Order of Service sheets and making 'reserved' cards for the family seats in the church.  In the evening we went over to Sway Social Club to start setting up the reception venue -
  • Sparkly dance floor in place - tick
  • Special lighting in place - tick
  • Decorative balloons in place - tick
  • Managed not to throw hissy fit when I realised that one of the special balloons with a bride bear in it was not for me, but for the little bride's maids - tick
  • Cake delivered and put in a safe place - tick
  • Took photos of cake with phone camera as it is gorgeous, hundreds of butterflies swirling up the three tiers - tick
  • Tables decorated - tick
  • Buffet table prepared for the food to arrive today - tick
  • Twinkling back drop for the 'top table' in place - tick
  • Family argument over how to place the 'top table' narrowly averted - tick
The wedding rehearsal was on Thursday evening and was slightly chaotic but the priest said it was fun not to have a wedding which has been endlessly planned to the last detail.  It was all chatter and laughter and we will just have to pray that it all goes right on the night, so to speak.  I am doing the readings and it was strange to have to stand up at the lecturn, so I hope I don't freeze later today, and don't get a coughing fit!  I am not used to 'public speaking' in any form.  I also get a place in the bridal procession coming out of the church because Trevor's mum died last year and my brother needs someone to go out with and Trevor is one of four boys, so there is no sister to take her mother's place.

So by the end of today Vicky will no longer have the same name as me (though I am Vicki), which is something that I have always loved.  She will be Vicky Sheppard, or more formally Mrs Trevor Sheppard.  I hope the Lord will bless their marriage, and the family they will have - tick.

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