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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Mr & Mrs Sheppard at last

Mr & Mrs Sheppard at last.  The little girl is now a married woman.  The sun shone and the bride was stunning, and even the groom scrubbed up well. Had a wonderful time and managed not to fluff the reading too noticably during the service. The bride and groom got the words right, even if it took a bit of coaching from the vicar. She came in to "When the Saints go marching in" and came out to "You'll never walk alone". Her father is a Southampton fan (the team being commonly known as the Saints) who have "When the Saints go marching in" is their anthem, and her husband is a Liverpool fan who have "You'll never walk alone". The organist was great, and probably glad to have something a bit more unusual to play, and the Bells as they left the church were a joy.

I was remembered in the speeches, and Vicky even called me a kind of second mother! That's my girl. I guess there has always been a special bond between us because of the shared name, and also the first time she came to stay at my house when she was a baby in a travel cot, the cot collapsed and she was trapped and went up and pulled her out and comforted her. Won't say more as I am about to cry.

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  1. Beautiful bride and happy day. You must be so proud