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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

It is almost time to say goodbye Pinktober

A part of me wonders just how much breast cancer awareness month actually achieves.  After all a whole month!  We don't have Remembrance Month, just the 11th day of the 11th month and Remembrance Sunday.  We Christmas Day and Easter Day.  I don't know about you but a month seems to drag on ... and on ... and on ...

Why not a week?  Something that can be focused on, comes and then is gone for another year, rather than something that doesn't have a definate start and finish.  Maybe an Opening and Closing ceremony like the Olympics, with a pink ribbon torch burning in between?  I know that this may all sound a bit flippant, but it isn't ... totally.  Not only that but there are so many different breast cancer organisations which all have their own events going on, and their own ribbon design, it all gets a little confusing. Maybe these organisations could just set out exactly what it is that they do, what they support, or maybe just become one organisation.  These days I have an attention span which can be so short it would embarrass a flea, so what is tonight's breast cancer event and what is their message?  Why not have one big event?

Isn't the problem partly that too many people believe that it won't happen to them because if so many of the foods we eat, things we buy and what is happening to the environment was so bad wouldn't the politicians be doing something about it, like banning some of this stuff?  That sounds so naive and obvious, but sometimes those are the very things that politicians forget.

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