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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Computer problems

On Sunday morning my PC just stopped working.  I went downstairs to put some washing on and I came back up to a blank screen.  I am hoping to get someone to look at it tomorrow and at least retrieve some data off it, especially my Lost Inspiration project where I have been trying to put a name and face to all those we have lost over the years at the Inspire forum.

Each one of us has an individual path to follow but there are also places that I can go where people just 'get it' because they are on a similar path.  For me the only contact with these fellow travellers is via the internet and my computer and I feel rather lost without it.  I am staying on at work this evening to get some computer time and just remind people that I exist because it is lonely without you all.  I feel rather as though I am in limbo and I know that it will impact on me even more because I will not be at work next week and even though I have a netbook my internet connection at home is rubbish (and I don't especially like laptop style keyboards).  I fired the finger mouse a couple of days ago before I threw it against the wall and now I at least have a mouse mouse, even if the internet access is not up to much.  I can at least play spider solitaire without the added frustration of trying to move the cursor around with my finger.  Who invented this devise?  Did they work for the Spanish Inquisition in a past life?  Are they Martians?

I better go home now ... night ...

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