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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Kidney scan today

When I eventually got home last night (reflexology after work - bliss) I found an answerphone message from nuclear medicine at the hospital, saying they had booked me in for a scan on my kidney at 9.30 this morning (13 June 2012).  That left me with a bit of a problem as today I was due to have my admin test for my job I went into work this morning before 8am and checked up with the hospital whether this was still in place, as I had not been able to confirm that I could attend.  I also needed to find out if I needed to fast etc - just drink lots of water.  It is confusing that different scans have different preparation, and as I hadn't got the information to hand I though I ought to check.  Not much point in turning up for the scan only to be sent away for doing the wrong thing.

The nurse who did the radio-active injection was so gentle that I couldn't even tell she had put the needle in, and in spite of the fact that she needed two attempts.  I am so used to the 'sharp scratch' and hunting for the vein which has decided not to play nicely, that I am not used to such a gentle approach.  Scan was ok, though I have to say that lying on that god forsaken bench has upset my left hip, which has been doing very well since acupuncture last week.  Grrrr.

I should get the results when I have my regular chemo clinic appointment on 26 June, so I can only hope that the results will be on the more positive side.

Rolled into college at 11.30, in plenty of time for the admin test in the afternoon.  Can't say it went too well as I had a mental blank about how to do a mail merge.  I had some training on it a couple of years ago, but I haven't used it since.  Some of the other ladies doing the test use it all the time, so they would have been ok.  I only had to do the one test for my post, but some of the ladies had about two and a half hours of tests to do; and the tests were not the same as we had been lead to believe they would be.  Those who did the Excel part had to do formulas, although we had been told that there would be none; and none of us had to do an internet search, though we were all supposed to do that.  The powers that be really have no idea what they are why was it that I didn't take voluntary redundancy again?

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