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Thursday, 21 June 2012

I got the job

I had my outcome meeting today about my application for one of the new posts at the college where I work.  We have been under treat of redundancy because of the reorganisation of the Student Services area where I work, so after a consultation period we all had to take voluntary redundancy or apply for one or more of the new posts.  Evidently I put in a good application and did a good interview so I got one of the two posts as Attendance Advisor.  It also probably helped that I was the only person to apply for these two posts, so I suppose that the next stage is that they will advertise the other post internally, and then externally.  I think that everyone got a position that they wanted, though neither applicant was successful for the supervisor role, but personally I think that it would be better to have someone from outside the current team to take that role on.  At the moment it is all feels a bit as though they aren't sure where it is all going, and certainly they aren't sure how it will work, or where we will physically be working and so on.  However as I am the lowest in rank none of that is my problem, there are people much higher up the pay scale to make those decisions.

It will mean that I will be working 2 - 7pm on four days of the week during term time, which I am not delighted about; and it will also mean a third less pay as my hours have been cut by a third.  This is not ideal, but I probably won't have to pay, or not pay very much, income tax so that might help to soften the blow a bit.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how it works out.  At the moment the job market around here is not good, and with my health complications it would be difficult to find something else.  That is partly the problem of living in a rural area without many big employers and I would not want to travel any distance.  At the moment I have a 10 mile commute to college and home each working day which is not bad...except for this morning when the traffic lights were out early on the area where they are laying some new pipes.  Took me twice as long to get less than a mile, than it took me to get the rest of the way.  They did that a couple of times last week, but I thought maybe someone complained about them putting out the temporary lights too early at the busiest time of the day, but maybe I was wrong.  One thing about living in a rural area is that I don't usually have to sit in queues, except at the railway crossing just before getting to work.

Have my pre-treatment blood test early tomorrow so I need to go to bed.  I'm tired.  Goodnight...


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    1. Thanks. Sometimes I wonder if anyone actually reads this, or they just stumble on the blog by mistake. I find that blogging really helps me to release my thought, concerns and frustrations; and it is also a way of getting my thoughts in some sort of order. That is one of the advantages of a blog over pen and paper; it is easier to change it around and if necessary to reflect on it before putting it into the public domain.