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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Visited my aunt over the holiday weekend and went to the English Music Festival in the Abbey at Dorchester on Thames, and watched some of the Diamond Jubilee events.  I got home on Monday to find a letter from my employer about the end of the consultation period for the reorganisation of my area of the support staff administrators. 
Now I have to make a decision about whether to apply for one of the new jobs, or take voluntary redundancy.  If I don't get one of the jobs I will then be made redundant anyway ... so do I jump?  Or do I wait to get pushed?  Some of the suggestions put by us in an alternative bid were taken up and put into the final recommendation, but I am still not convinced that they are enough to make me apply for one of the new jobs.  I have just e-mailed off my application for the post of Attendance Advisor, which is basically what I do at the moment, but a third less hours and therefore a third less pay as well as stupid working hours.  Not convinced that redundancy is not my best option but at least the application has been logged.  It is now about 10 past midnight on 11 June 2012, and a decision about voluntary redundancy has to be made by 11am, and job applications put in by 4pm.  At least the application is to sleep on the decision of whether to go for the voluntary redundancy or leave it as it is at the moment.

The thing I have no definate answer about the possible progression of my cancer do I waste time applying for a job that I may not be able to do in a few months time.  Also my middle manager at work has commented about the amount of time I have had off this year, so are they really going to seriously consider my application for this new post?

Just leave it Victoria and go to bed and get some sleep............

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