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Sunday, 4 September 2011

How things have changed!

I have changed the name of the blog as well as everything else about it; but I thought I would leave the posts so I could see where I came from to get here.

I think that more things have changed in the last year than in the previous three years since my diagnosis of breast cancer. I have moved on from being that angry and lonely person, though I am still alone and angry at times.

I made peace with my cancer. I accept that it is a part of me, that it will always be there and that we just have to get on with life together. It was doing a Mindfullness Based Stress Reduction course that really made the difference. I had been trying to use the Mindfullness principles before starting the course in January 2011, but actually being shown how to put them into practice has made all the difference. Right here, right now the cancer and I are ok; we are safe and really have nothing much to worry about.

Having access to the internet has also made a huge difference as it has put me in touch with others in the same position to me, so I no longer feel isolated. I will continue this later as I am going out for lunch with my niece Vicky who is back from her travels and now runs her own hairdressing business...speak soon

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