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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Finding my own treatment strategies

Polution of one sort or another is all around us, and there are probably few places on the planet that don't have direct polution problems.

I think everyone has noticed how those at the top of companies and banks think only of profits and bonuses, and what is in it for them.  By using chemicals that are proven to be damaging to the environment and dangerous to people simply because they can make more profit is just plain immoral.  In America there is a lot of publicity about the fact that the Susan G Komen for the Cure which is just about the biggest breast cancer charity in the world and which claims to be funding research into finding a cure for breast cancer.  They have just launched a perfume which contains chemicals which are known to be a health hazzard, and which they are not declaring on the labelling!  Amazing.  Are these people completely insane?  Raise money with a product which damages health.  The more you look into the whole cancer industry the more you have to question the motive behind all of this.

There are non-toxic traditional medicines which have been proven to have anti-cancer properties which have been banned by the EU, and the USA looks to be following in their disgraceful footsteps.  These are precisely the sort of things that governments should be funding research into, and encouraging their use as a first line of treatment.  They are NON-TOXIC and easily tolerated by patients, but instead these patients are used as guinea pigs for pharmaceutical companies who produce toxic drugs which damage patient's health more often than they produce positive results.  Many chemotherapies produce side effects which need to be controlled by more drugs, which cause side effects which need to be controlled with even more drugs...and so it goes on.  They claim that Vitamin C given by IV is dangerous and that this vitamin shortened the life of Linus Pauling, a strong proponent of the efficacy of Vitamin C.  The double Nobel winner died at the age of 94!  Shortened his life?  That I should live so long!

Of course these traditional medicines and treatments are from naturally occurring plants, and so can't make big bucks for the pharmaceutical industry.  They would be cheap to produce and easy to give, which is another big draw-back (NOT) when the NHS is struggling with the burden of the cost of cancer treatment, as are all countries.  When these pharmaceutical drugs go generic they can be produced for 20% of the price in some cases, but the biggest pharmaceutical companies make profits that dwarf the top Fortune 500 companies in America.  Please note that these are Profits, not research and development costs.

Yet the medical industry insists that the only viable treatments for cancer are the Big Three of surgery, chemo and radiation.  When it was finally recognised that I had metastatic breast cancer (cancer which has spread and is considered incurable) I was alarmed why I was told that the only treatment offered to me after the surgery to replace my hip (destroyed by cancer) was hormone treatment, and the aim would be palliative, not curative.  I was 47 years old.  This made me go out and find my own sources of hope and I was 'lucky' that I knew there were other ideas out there because of a friend who died of stomach cancer because of the information that she had been sent by other friends.  I am now grateful that I was not put on chemo because it was not considered to be "appropriate at this time".  What I found was that there is a mound of scientific research and evidence of how these things work and how supportive these strategies are of the body as it tries to overcome the cancer.  There are no guaranteed treatments, but there are those that are kind to the body. 

So why will conventional Western medicine not even consider these strategies?  Since when does science have all the answers?  Science has given us so much, but it has also given the world the nuclear bomb, the arms and biological weapons which have killed millions, the chemicals which are contributing hugely to the explosion in the incidence of cancer in the modern world.  The Holocaust would not have been so destructive if it hadn't been for the gas that was developed which murdered millions.  We truly do not need more ways of destroying the human race or the planet, we are doing a good enough job already.  Surely chemo and radiotherapy should be held in reserve when all other treatments have stopped working rather than being used first, so that when patients in despairation turn to the 'alternative' sources when their body has already been ravaged beyond repair by these toxic treatments.

Another part of a supportive strategy that is missing is support in dealing with a diagnosis of incurable cancer.  The impact of being told that there is no cure, no hope of survival in the long term is enormous and yet the mental ability to deal with this is a huge part of enabling your body to work against this disease.  How often do we all project and prophesy what will happen, only to see it come true?  Being about to come to terms with my disease, and being able to accept that cancer is a part of my life, and will be for the rest of my life no matter how long that is, has been the hardest part of this journey.  Taking the power to control your life away from cancer and returning it to yourself is not easy, but I truly believe that I am now happier and more content than I have ever been in my life.  The power of my heart, mind, soul and personality is greater than the disease.  Cancer does not have me, I have the cancer, it is something that I am LIVING with much more than I am dying from.

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