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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Who says supplements don't work

One week until the hip replacement operation and I can't wait.  I have been told that I can't take my supplements for two weeks before the operation and so I haven't been taking my glucosamine & chondroitin or the rosehip supplements for a week and I am slowly grinding to a halt as I get stiffer and stiffer.  I now routinely use a walking pole around college as even walking from the car to the office is getting to be more and more of a challenge.  It is 2.15am in the UK and I have been woken by the pain, so I am waiting for a stronger pain killer to work so I can get back to sleep.

Why is conventional medicine so against natural supplements? 

The rather cynical conclusion which makes sense to me is because they don't generate a profit for pharmaceutical companies and the blindness of doctors to anything that is not produced by a drug company making gigantic profits.  I once read that the top Big Pharma companies quoted on the Fortune 500 list in America make more profit than all the others put together! 

Which would you trust more?  A natural substance which has been a part of humans nutrition for thousands of years?  Or something made in a laboratory to be patented and sold with the sole purpose of profit?  Hmmmm.

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