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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Getting sorted...ish

Well today I spent time at work clearing out my desk and my locker.  It is amazing the rubbish I have collected there.  Some of it went straight in the bin and other bits into recycling.  It is nice to be ruthless about sorting stuff out once in a while, and it even better when you know that it will be taken away so you can't change your mind - that has always been one of my problems, changing my mind about getting rid of things.  After all one of the family mottos is 'keep it, it might come in useful'.  I also always feel rather guilty just throwing things away.  I know that I should have a compost heap, and I can be a bit manic about recycling metal, plastic, glass and paper; after all the possibilities are endless!  Humankind cannot go on using up the planet's resources in the way that we do, especially when a little bit of effort means that those resources can become another can, newspaper or fleece.

I am also trying to get things ready at home for being back on crutches.  I should be home after about 4 days this time, not the two weeks it took for them to let me out of the other hospital.  I need to move things upstairs as the 'facilities' are up here.  I have a small fridge that I can bring up, and all the bits for my smoothies in the morning.  I also got a soup maker on Monday when I went down to Castle Point in Bournemouth which can cook and blend it all in one...just put in the ingredients and set it up and let it go.  I hope it works.  I won't be able to stand for very long to do traditional cooking, so this should be just the thing - chop and go.

I have wrapped the presents that I have managed to get so far, so that is another thing out of the way.  Luckily I don't have many people to buy for, and I refuse to buy gifts that won't be useful or wanted.  One of my pet-hates is the Gift Set!  Grrr.  My younger neice's birthday is in mid November and it is difficult to find a present for her if you leave it too late as the shop shelves have been cleared to make way for Gift Sets.  These are the kind of thing that do the rounds at raffles for a while after Christmas because no one really wants them, or they only want part of them.  I won a cappuchino gift set in a raffle, and I only got that because I wanted the mug.  After all the coffee was actually past its best before date it had been doing the rounds for so long.  I make soya milk most mornings which has to cook so I make a bit mug of hot chocolate/coffee in the mug, which I have to confess is actually nicer cold so I finish it off in the evening after I get home from work, though on these chilly mornings the mug is a lovely hand warmer...

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