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Saturday, 17 November 2012


Just as one child has entered the family another one left ... childhood at least.  On 14 November 2012 my niece Lucy turned 18 and legally became an adult.  Last night we went to The Lamb at Winkton and had a big family meal complete with new great-grandparents and their 5 day old great-granddaughter Sophie.  However the star of the show was a grand daughter Lucy.

I had gone into town yesterday to get some helium balloons, but one of them made an escape for the stars when I moved it to the boot of my car and the ribbon hadn't been fastened securely.  So she just had the two, which as I got them had to have teddy bears on them!  I also got some table confetti with shiny 18's, stars, hearts and flowers, but I only remembered them this morning, which isn't a great deal of help!

On my side of the family Lucy doesn't have many relatives.  Her grandfather, my father, died about three weeks after my 18th birthday.  Her grandmother died 5 years before she was born so most of those present were from her mother's side of the family and they are a close family.  I suppose I have always felt a lack of family especially as I have never married or had children - no one ever really wanted me.  I feel separate from them, and rather like an intruder.  For a couple of years of Lucy's childhood I didn't see her at all, despite the fact that we lived in the same town, but this is getting melancholy. 

Will I make it to Lucy's 21st, her wedding, celebrating her children?  Who knows, after all first she has to find out which way she wants to go with her life.  In which case I had better get round to learning how to use Skype so I can keep up with it all!

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