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Monday, 12 November 2012

I do like Mondays!

My niece Vicky Sheppard and husband Trevor Sheppard are the proud parents of Sophie, born 12.56 am 12 November 2012 weighing 9lb 1oz by C-section. CONGRATULATIONS and so pleased that she is here at last and congrats to Holly who now has a little sister to boss around! So grandparents Marcus Ford and Lyrain Ford can go and get some sleep as well - your going to need it, and so will Auntie Lucy!

♥ S ♥ O ♥ P ♥ H ♥ I ♥ E♥

I posted this on my facebook page this morning.  At last a Monday morning with good news and something to look forward to, like meeting my great-niece Sophie for the first time.  I do like this Monday!  Sophie was having some breathing difficulties because they think she got stuck so she went off to Neonatal, but should be with mum later today.  Everyone can get a bit of sleep in the mean time, and they are going to need it!

Trevor dropped a knife on his foot on the 7th, which was the due date, and has severed a tendon in his foot which will need an operation to reattach it, so dad is hobbling and mum has stitches!  Welcome to the world Sophie ... things will get better, honest!

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