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Friday, 3 August 2012

Taking part is the most important thing

I have actually been watching the Olympics this time, after seeing nothing of the 2008, and very little of the 2004 Olympics.  Maybe it is because it is being held in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as we are known to the Olympic movement, or maybe it was holding an Olympic torch that has inspired me to take an interest this time.

I don't really like the commercialisation of the Olympics and the celebrity competitor status that some of the competitors have, I am more interested in the rest of those who take part and who give their all for the honour of coming last in THE Olympic Games.  Maybe it is a British thing, cheering on the under-dog who doesn't stand a chance, the spirit of 'it is not the winning that matters, but the taking part'.

We all need things to inspire us and sport is just one such source of inspiration.  In my case just being around to watch the 2012 London Olympics is a gold medal in itself because I didn't think I would still be here.  So now I will have to find other things to inspire me ...

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