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Friday, 17 August 2012

Lazy days and cold baked beans

I am having a lazy day today.  I have just run out of energy, and as it is raining outside I decided to go back to bed and get some rest.  I like these kinds of days when I can just take it easy and not worry about what is going on outside the door.  It means that I can snuggle up and do some reading, or blogging.  It also means that as I am not going back to the Little Chef next door after the dreadful meal last night I can sit and eat a can of cold baked beans.

I love cold, organic, baked beans.  I never bother to cook them because they are so much nicer cold that I realised that I was eating a lot of them before they heated up, so why not be more envionmentally friendly, not to mention thrifty, and cut out the electricity all together.  It is like custard.  One of my favourite meals is cold soya custard straight from the box.  I have even been known to take either of these to work for my lunch if I don't have the time, or the energy, to make a salad for lunch, or the cash to buy a sandwich once I am there. 

Maybe the attraction is also that I don't have that much enthusiasm to cook these days and my relationship to food has become somewhat problematic.  If you could see me you would know that I am overweight, but that never seems to change even when I go through periods of not eating very much, which I did a couple of months ago when I became very depressed and almost stopped eating all together.  I know that this is no way to lose weight anyway, but I have other things to worry about these days.  It is more a matter of nourishment and when I go back to work next month I will have strange working hours of 2 - 7pm.  I don't like it, but I really had no other choice unless it was to give up work entirely, then I would be on my own for 99% of the week which is not good.  So I am going to have to find a new pattern of eating, and maybe using my slow cooker could be an answer.  Chuck it all in and leave it to cook while I am out, and then I can eat as soon as I get home.

Nourishment is such an important part of my approach to living with cancer.  Getting the right nourishment that is, but I have ceased to fret about it if it doesn't always go to plan.  At the moment I am away from home and without refridgeration at a relatively warmer time of year.  Therefore I can't really stack up on those foods that need to be stored in a cool environment because I just don't have access to those conditions.  Also if you eat out there are limitations on what I feel comfortable about eating, partly because I don't know the source of the food and how it has been grown and produced.  I prefer organic produce, especially on the odd occasions that I eat meat, which is usually white meat anyway.  I don't want the growth hormones, antibiotic residues and the junk food that animals are fed these days to make them grow quicker, be 'healthier' and cheaper to raise.  The same with vegetables, I don't want the pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers that are used to grow tasteless, bland and nutrient free food.  What the hell has happened to our food?  Instead to feeding and nourishing us it is starting to kill us, and that is before they start to process the stuff.

Wow!  Getting off soap box and putting it away neatly, and environmentally.  But seriously folks, we all share the same planet and we are destroying it at a rate that should make your head spin if you thought about it too much.  There are people starving when other areas of the world have a glut of food and just don't get me started on the bees!

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