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Saturday, 21 April 2012

What a difference a day makes

Today I was able to walk down down and do some shopping, went down to my brother's house and spent the rest of the day with my sister-in-law.  The sun shone, some of the time, and I was able to sit in the sun on some steps on St Thomas Street in town waiting for Vicky to come back to the car.  I had gone to look at the church (St Thomas the Apostle, surprise, surprise) where Vicky will be getting married in three weeks time.  I took photos of the close on the tower at just about 3.30, which is the time the wedding ceremony starts, for the front of the order of service sheets.

Yesterday was a very different day.  I had really struggled at work on Thursday, but stuck it out.  I was so tired when I got home I just put a load of washing through and made something to eat and was in bed by about 7pm.  I had a dreadful night with pains in my kidney area, having to go to the loo, now being able to sleep and having the feeling that my stomach was on fire.  I listened to the news every hour on the radio.  By the next morning I was exhausted.  I phoned my sister-in-law and she decided to give up on trying to get hold of my oncologist (been trying that since Tuesday and his secretary hadn't seen him / couldn't get in touch with him) and arranged for me to go back to the Acute Oncology Unit at Southampton General Hospital.  By then I think the crisis had passed, whatever it was, but I slept most of the day and can't believe I was actually there for 6 hours.  Blood tests showed that my renal function is 'normal' and urology don't seem to think that there is any need to do anything about the fact that my left kidney is swelling up, but the nurses did a urine test which showed protein and blood in my urine so they will be following that up on Monday, but I am back on antibiotics for now.  To be honest I have more confidence in the nurses in the Macmillan AOU than I do in the rest of the hospital put together.  When I got home I slept for another couple of hours before going out for a meal with friends as I didn't want to let people know that I have not been 100% again.  When I finally got home last night I again slept through until about 7am this morning.

Hopefully the problem that has been causing the hydronephrosis was a kidney stone, and I managed to pass it that night.  I was surprised to hear that urology don't think that it is anything, when the kidney is enlarged and CT scans have been tracking this over the last few years.  The doctor I saw seems to think that it might be bone problems, but the pain is not in the bones but the kidney area.  I've had kidney stones before, so I do know the difference!

Anyway, yesterday was crap, today was great.  What a difference makes, 24 little hours, the sun and the showers...

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