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Friday, 23 March 2012

Up to my eyeballs in butterflies and flowers

All I seem to have done this week, so far, is work and make wedding invitations.  I have been up to my eyeballs in punched butterflies and flowers, making wedding invitations for my neice's wedding on 12 May 2012.  I have to say that I am rather proud of the results though, and at least they are unique.  I spent last Friday going round shops in Oxford (went to see my aunt last weekend) trying to find the right colour paper for the project.  Vicky's colours are dusky pink and cornflower blue, but you try finding pink paper which isn't candy pink!  Eventually found what I wanted in Broad Canvas on Broad Street which is an art supply shop which also has some craft stuff.  It was also good to be able to support an 'boutique' shop that isn't part of a large chain.

So next on the list are the Order of Service for the wedding, and then maybe Thank You cards ... but right now I am not going to think about them.  The weather has been really lovely here, and if Saturday is the same I think that I will have a Me Day and maybe even sit in the sun and soak up some vitamin D and relax.  It is also nice to think that the Easter Holidays will be starting at the end of next week and I will be able to do a bit of travelling around.  Don't really have too many plans about what I will actually do as every time I seem to make too many plans at the moment they seem to come unstuck in one way or another.

I had acupuncture this morning which has helped to release the muscles in my left leg again.  I think the infection may finally have been hit on the head, but the effects in my muscles are still causing me a bit of a problem.  However some of the ladies at the college may be starting a circuit training session at the college gym after work one evening, and I may join them and see what gentle exercises I can do, even if it is just walking, or a bit of cycling.  I'm certainly not going to throw myself into using weights and the rowing machine, but I do need to be able to get some amount of movement back into the old bod.  If I do it in a structured way with some other ladies it might be beneficial.  Watch this space ... 

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