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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

1,000 views of my Blog!

Just noticed that today the 1,000th view of my blog has happened.  WOW.

Today it was back in the old routine of treatment.  I didn't expect to find myself with an oncologist who knew more about my case than me.  According to the Registrar

1.  I have sciatica - no that is not the problem with my leg.  I have had sciatica before and this is nothing like it.  Kept trying to tell her where the pain was, and that it was not nerve pain, but she insists that it is sciatic pain, or possibly a DVT.
2.  I was trying to tell her about the inflammation markers that Poole hospital are using to track the infection that landed me in hospital for two weeks.  'We don't use infammatory markers they are not reliable and are probably related to the cancer' she informs me before I can finish what I am saying.  Then why have Poole been using them to track how the antibiotics are dealing with the staph infection.  Well obviously they don't know anything.
3.  Evidently I had my last CT scan in Southampton in September.  I told her it was done in Lymington in August and she told me I was wrong...excuse me but which one of us was actually there???
4.  My last bone scan was in Southampton in September.  Right place, wrong month, but she insisted she was right.

Why is it that talking to doctors feels like a totally redundant exercise when they know it all.  By the way I have been right every time about my health and they have been wrong.  I know that I can trust my own judgment.  Them?  I am not convinced they even listen as they have already come to a decision without examining me, or having access to any x-rays or scans.

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