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Monday, 30 January 2012

Hi ho, hi ho and back to work I go...

Yes, today was the day.  The official return to work with a 'phased return', which actually seems rather daft bearing in mind I've been working about 3 - 4 hours a day since the start of term, but that was working from home via the internet.  So I had an easy day being phased in - NO got there and Mandy wasn't there (got her text to say she had a dental appointment and should be in about 10.30 at 3.30pm - useful) and Hadi wasn't in so I had to dive straight into things on the front desk without even the time to make a cup of green tea.  Though that has reminded me to put my little kettle on right now for a cuppa.

Margaret bought me a bunch on tulips to welcome me back, and they are on my desk at home smiling at me.  Spring will be here soon enough, though the rain/sleet/snow this morning didn't make it feel that close.  It just couldn't make up its mind this morning as I was driving to work, just what the heck it really wanted to do {kettle's boiled} but I believe we are in for a cold snap. 

Kermit won't be pleased as he has been tucked away snuggly in the garage and now has to come out and be driven out in the cold.  This is no way to treat a car who is a frog wannabe.  He is bright green, hence the name; so he is Kermit to my Miss Piggy.

Managed to get the rest of the week sorted out, except my attendance at a Good to Great session at college.  This is when the Good (teaching and support staff) get to give ideas and discuss things with the Great of the college, which they will then only ignore because they have already made up their mind about what will happen in all likelihood.

Anyway it is good to be back, had to happen some time ...

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