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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Good reads

I came across a site where I have set myself a target for the number of books I will read in 2012.  I went for 24, and so far I am two books ahead of myself with all this time off work.  This has been inspired by two things, first that I sould renew my interest in reading fiction, and secondly that I was given a Kindle for Christmas.  I have had the Kindle app downloaded on to my desktop PC for a year or so, and also on to the Netbook that I got when I thought the desktop had given up the ghost late last winter.

Having the Kindle makes reading in bed a lot easier than holding a book and is lighter to carry around with me.  I have my six week check-up appointment tomorrow morning so it will be with me while I wait to be called to see the demi-God who I hope will at the very least give me the go ahead to start driving again.  It will be nice to be able to pull out my compact Kindle, rather than a whole heavy book which you have to choose based on size and weight when it comes to sitting in a hospital waiting room.  I probably won't get to meet the God (surgeon) himself, but any minion that will give me the go-ahead to drive will be a God to me.  At the moment the hospital say that it is up to the insurance company, and the insurance company says that it is up to the doctor, so I am no further forward.  I will instead be entrusting my life, limbs and hips, to my 17 year old learner-driver neice and my brother who will be dropping me off at the hospital on the way to college.  Lucy is learning to drive and decided to go to Bournemouth College, rather than Brockenhurst College (where I work!) and she regularly drives down there with my brother sitting in, who then brings the car home and she comes home on the train later in the day.  I haven't been driven by her yet, so I hope I don't put her off.

But I digress.

I realised a while ago that my reading matter was too heavy, too centred on cancer.  In short I was in need of some entertainment; of being transported to other times, places and experiences.  I have never been a great fiction reader, much to my Aunt's annoyance and astonishment.  She went to university in her late thirties and read English Literature.  She devours books in a day, or two, where I might be plodding through in three or four days at best.  But fiction has never really been my 'thing'.  I have always loved history and autobiography, but I have been moving further afield to historical novels and mysteries thanks to finding the books of C J Sansom and Philippa Gregory, amongst others.  So when I came across GoodReads it seemed like the perfect opportunity to expand my reading interests and to be able to see what others thought of a book.  I feel in need of a challenge, and this might just be what I need - better that playing Spider Solitaire on the computer!

Anyone got any suggestions?

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