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Friday, 28 October 2011

Big Business and politicians - do they know right from wrong?

I have the BBC as my homepage and one of the top stories this morning was this 'Directors' pay rose 50% in past year'.

What planet are these people on?  It is like the Liam Fox resignation debacle a week or so ago - WHY DO THEY THINK THEY CAN GO ON DOING THIS?  Do the bosses and the politicians really think that they can just go on with 'business as usual'? 

Responsibility.  This is a word that seems to have been forgotten, along with empathy, respect and consideration, and all those other 'old-fashioned' things that gave society a sense of cohesion, such as:
  • Simple things like holding a door open for someone 
  • Gratitide for what you do have, rather than bemoaning what you don't have
  • Doing things for others without expectation of reward
  • Making do with what you have, not endlessly wanting more
  • Being kind to the environment in the knowledge that we share this planet, not own it
  • Having ethics in business - it is not all about making money
  • Working hard and putting effort into your job
  • Loyalty
I could go on, but what would be the point?  It will just depress me.  Those at the top are fast becoming the scum of the earth with a greed that knows no bounds, and a contempt for the consumer and the voter.  Does anyone in politics really believe in anything any more?  Can they tell the truth?  Can they keep their word?  Have any of them even had a real job?

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