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Thursday, 27 October 2011

My problems are as nothing compared to what some have survived

We can all tend to get lost in our own world and forget the terrible experience and horrors that others have been through, and which make our experience pale into insignificance. How easy to become bitter after the experience of being caught up in the Holocaust and seeing how low humanity can sink, but one survivor has given us something that is truly inspiring; a vision of how we should all try to approach what life throws at us.

The Gift of Choice   -   By Gertrude Hildreth Housman

I came into this world without being asked

And when the time for dying comes

I shall not be consulted

But between the boundaries of birth and death

Lies the Dominion of Choice

To be a doer or a dreamer

To be a lifter or a leaner

To speak out or remain silent

To extend a hand in friendship

Or to look the other way

To feel the suffering of others

Or to be callous and insensitive

These are the choices

It is in the choosing

That my measure as a person

Is Determined

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