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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Laugh? I cried!

A colleague said something last night that just caught me off balance and slightly more than tickled my funny bone.  In short I lost it.  I laughed, I cried ... I had to rush to the loo; and this morning it is still making me laugh and smile.  Normally I probably wouldn't have found it more than mildly amusing, but yesterday.  My laughter set off my colleague, and he was trying to leave a message on voice mail for someone and ended up having to put the phone down without being able to finish the message.  He sent an Email instead!

It is a bit like the film Blazing Saddles, and the famous bean scene.  Sometimes I can laugh till I cry at that, and other times I just find it mildly amusing at most or just plain infantile; but talking about infantile isn't it amazing how 'we' find it funny when someone farts.  It is like being a little child again who is giggling uncontrollably with a hand clutched over their mouth as sparks of amusement coming out of their eyes.  In some ways this is the secret of enjoying and appreciating life.  To be able to have the wonder of a small child at even the simplest of things.  We lose that as we grow up, but it is the secret of Mindfulness.

All I can say is that last night I was very Mindful!  And so to Tai Chi class ...

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