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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness video - It's not just about Mammograms

I have recently been working on some Metastatic Breast Cancer awareness videos and this is one I made earlier (this morning) - points there for a gratuitous Blue Peter reference for anyone in the UK.  I am hoping that as many people as possible will watch it and also share it on facebook, twitter etc.

Too often BCAMonth is all about Pink Ribbons and Mammograms.  For some of us it is a difficult month to have the message that breast cancer is curable thrust down our throats when well over 400,000 people die of the disease each year.  Ten per cent of those who die are in the US and about 20% are in the European Union, of which the United Kingdom is a part.  Deaths are only mentioned when they want people to give money for a 'cure' but 97% of those funds go to research for those with Early Stage BC, and only 3% for those with the incurable form of the disease!

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