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Friday, 26 June 2009

Race For Life - 21 June 2009

I walked the course at Bournemouth in the morning and it was a lovely experience. My sister-in-law couldn't do it as my neice had been throwing up all night, but two friends from work (Sue and Nicki) did it with me and a friend I have known since I was 2 or 3 years old (Maria), which is a while ago now - no I won't say how long ago.

I did the Race last year as well, and at that time I didn't think I would be around to do the next one, but I am already planning my third. My team are known as the Patches Posse; Patches being a bear I made in a bear making shop in Southampton for my birthday in 2008. Nicki had gone round at work and got people to give some money for a birthday present for me as I was at home recovering from having my hip replacement. Sue thought a bear would be the perfect thing, knowing that I am a bear of very little brain type myself. She took me in to make the bear and I had to think up a name for her when I registered her birth, and as she has patches on her the name Patches seemed to be just right. She has her own trainers and outfits, and has a bit of a passion for shoes. She is very lucky there because all the shoes in the shop fit her perfectly, whereas with size 9 - 10 feet I have the opposite problem!

It is great that I can do these things and to have good company as well, what more can you ask for? The weather was perfect as well, not too hot or windy. It is good to have goals to work towards and despite my prognosis I don't see why I should give up on that.

I need to get around to planning what I am going to do this summer. The great thing about working in a college (administration) is that I am only contracted to work during term time. I will probably do some temp work for Sue, but as it is possibly going to be a good summer I want to get out and about a bit more - last summer was a bit of a wash out really.

There is a walk over on the Isle of Wight that I did with my mother on a couple of occasions, which I would like to do again. I also ought to do more walking out on the Forest. It is amazing how much I take the New Forest for granted having lived here all my life. When we used to go to visit a school friend of my mother's in Somerset we used to stop on the way, and on one occasion my parents had to stop my brother and I from climbing into a field. We really didn't have any concept that you couldn't go wherever you like in most places. We were used to just going out on to the Forest and not having to worry about it being private property. I very rarely go down to the sea either, and I live in a town right on the coast!

I must remember to get out some of the walking books that I have, as I would like to go to the Cotswolds this summer and do some walks there. My mother came from there and it is an area that I feel very drawn to, as though I belong there. The main problem with getting round to doing these things is that I am on my own and have noone to go with. It makes me rather reluctant to go out and do things as I am always the only one going so there is no excitement of planning it with anyone.

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